Desalination of water

New technology based on bionic coating onto ceramics will improve the output of pure drinking water versus existing technologies.

Intelligent production and
use of water

Global North consumes water at the highest rate in the world. Globally, however, access to water is increasingly scarce, especially in the Global South. Indeed, water rights and acces to clean water are likely to be one of the most contentious issues of the 21st century.
CCEC has a Ready-to-go project to invest in:
Technology: High Temperature Vaporizer
Delivery: 8000 cbm/day
De- and Remineralization included
Oxygigenation included
Own Energy supply
Requested space: 12.000 sqm
Investment volume: 8.000.000 GBP
Initial inquiries from Benin, Guinea and
Sierra Leone for complete units
are on hand.